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Jaime >8C
United States
My name is Jaime. Im currently 17, My birthday is September 7th and Im a female.
Im realllly short and it sucks. I cosplay, or atleast try to.
Im really shy but I dont bite, any questions, please ask<3

Tumblr- skeletons-in-my-closet.tumblr.…
Cosplay Blog-
Ask Prince Gumball-…
  • Reading: Joel Heyman Smut
  • Watching: Bob's Burgers
  • Playing: pokemon
  • Drinking: Pepsi
I've stopped using this DA account completely, sorry;;;
Instead, you guys can find me at :iconmiseryinmybones:

You can also catch me here::::
Personal Tumblr-
Cosplay Tumblr- miseryinmybonescosplay.tumblr.…
Cosplay Page-…




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Camui-Tooru Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fav ^,...,^
Mobis-New-Nest Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
The guard slid the bowl of corn meal under the opening panel under your jail cell door. Grabbing the bowl you immediately gorge yourself, not minding how cold it gotten and how tasteless the flavour was. You remember to stop eating when you reach half of the ration gone. You take the bowl and bring it to Mobis who waves you away. “You have to eat Mobis, please” you say. He doesn’t answer you. He is still distraught after watching his comrade have his neck broken in an exaction that was on national television. “I wish Bane had killed me…” he says in a sad voice. “Don’t talk like this, eat” you try passing the bowl again but he pushes it away. “So that’s it? The great Mobis-New-Nest gives up on those who believed in him? This is what we get for all those Thanks For The Fav? You choose to starve to death and let your enemies gain the win? You’re right Bane should have killed you because then I would have mourned for a hero not a sad pathetic man who’s lost his faith in very people who admired him. You’re not Mobis, you’re just coward who looks like him” You leave the bowl by his feet and go to the far corner of cell to distance yourself from him. Mobis takes the bowl and begins eating. After he finishes he takes the bowl and slides it under the jail cell for the guard to get it later. He goes back to training. You look away from him. You try hard to fight back the sinking feeling of doubt as you begin to think thoughts of dying in this cell, that help will never come and that you and Mobis are doomed to rot here for the rest of your existence. Suddenly your thoughts are interrupted by noises of shouting and gun shots somewhere far outside your cell. Both you and Mobis go to the jail door and look around frantically trying to figure out what was going on outside but see nothing. Soon it starts to get bright all around you as if someone turned up the lights outside your jail cell. You hear footsteps and the sound of a stick or walking cane but it was so bright that you had to cover your eyes with your hand to look outside your jail cell. The door unlock, you and mobis quickly step back. “Get behind me! I’ll hold it off, you run!” yells Mobis. You do as he says “I see you are as protective as ever old friend” said a deep voice. “Who are you!” yells Mobis as just of wind comes rushing into the jail cell. The wind and light stop and Mobis and you look forward as you see the one person that takes both of you aback at his presents.

A week had passed since Lisa and Gandalf died at the hands of Bane, Dr. Neferious and I.R. Team Gratitude had struggled to sabotage every waking moment for Banes plans for destructions of Deviant City. Alas, today they had planned their next move. Everyone was in place. Baltheir and Nathen Drake had been going over the maps of some of new areas that were discovered when an alarm had gone off. The outside of Team Gratitude’s hideout was laced with many trip wires and motion sensors. A fly couldn’t get in without being detected. Drake checked security camera but there was static interference that wouldn’t allow the security screens to show who or what tripped the alarm. “Is it Bane?” asked Baltheir. “No, there’s only three eat signatures and I don’t thing Banes that stupid to face all of us with two people with him and if he is, I’ll crack his neck myself” said Drake. He had still been hurt and furious at watching his friend Gandalf be executed before his every eyes on television. Drake and Baltheir could see on the heat map that the three signatures were moving quickly towards the steel door entrance. Soon more than half Team Gratitude was making their way to the entrance when Drake sounded the alarm. Baltheir, Drake, Chuck, Johnny, Rock, Fran, Clank, Chris and Chief braced themselves as the entrance valve began to turn on its own. “That’s impossible, no one can open it from the outside?” said Baltheir. Drake grabbed a megaphone and talked into it. “WHO EVER YOU ARE, IF YOU OPEN THIS DOOR WE WILL OPEN FIRE, THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING!” yelled Drake. The intruders did not reply. The valve stopped and the door burst open and light came bursting into the hideout but Fran was able to fire her arrow that was quickly deflected, Baltheir and Drakes gun handles suddenly turned hot and they dropped them. Eberyones weapons either were deflected or failed to work but Chuck had wide grin on his face. He knew who it was and the moment the light disappeared and the figure that was immune to their weapons revealed himself; Chuck’s instincts were right about the person being more friend then foe. Everyone else had a stunned looked on their faces. “It cannot be…” said Baltheir in complete disbelief. The person they were staring at was tall, long white sleek hair, white beard with his white matching outfit and white staff in both hands. “But it is my friend” the man replied with a friends smiles that could light a lighthouse, It was Gandalf but he was no longer grey as they remembered him. “I come to you now at the turn of the tides but I do not come alone” said Gandalf. He stepped aside and you and Mobis came into view. Soon everyone in that room felt the spark of hope that now burned brightly in their hearts as the future now looked hopeful for deviant city. “My friends let us prepare for battle” said Gandolf The White.
frostpelt Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
could you send the site for los contacts? :D
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Hello! Just decided to let you know, this is :iconyaoi-fangirl1235:
My Deviant account has for some reason decided to lock me out and I can't recover my password, so if you still are interested in following me, please add this account to your watchlist. Thank you for following my old account!
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